Goals for Quarter 3

Quarter 3 for my writing goals cover December, January, and February.  My focus at the beginning of this quarter marks a major shift from what I've been focusing on for the past year and a half.  My main focus leading up to this point has been on creating content.  I knew I wanted to have... Continue Reading →


Reflections on NaNoWriMo 2018. The NaNoWriMo challenge this year was quite a different journey than last year.  There were a lot of differences in my personal life that contributed to that (going back to work, my youngest starting preschool, my oldest in more dance classes and starting dance team) that definitely constricted the opportunities to write,... Continue Reading →

NaNoWriMo 5

Day 26-Daily Word Count- 1,832.  I broke 45,000 words!  Less than 5,000 to go! Day 27-Daily Word Count- 786. Short and sweet today. I wrote one scene for two of my main characters and wanted to take my time to create that scene. Tomorrow it will be time for them to move on and we... Continue Reading →


Remember when I said last week that I was surprised it was August already?  Yeah, that paled in comparison to realizing that, when this is posted, we are almost HALFWAY THROUGH THIS MONTH. This month, this whole summer really, feels like it is flying away beneath my feet because 1. I have been enjoying the... Continue Reading →

Falling Short

Anyone else blink and realize July is gone? I was pretty flabbergasted last week when I turned the page in my Planner to plan the next week, and realized I was in the August spread already 😳 My goal during July was to finish one of the first manuscripts I started writing. I didn't reach... Continue Reading →

Goal Planning- Part One

Goal planning.  I LOVE making goals.  Making and completing goals requires a TON of flexibility.  Really, flexibility is just as important in setting your goals, as setting your goals.  I can't stress it enough and I apologize for the redundancy, but it's THAT IMPORTANT.  Life happens, and will continue to have it's highs and lows,... Continue Reading →

First Steps

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." Loa Tzu One of my favorite quotes. That single, first step is what sets you up for success. Now, I believe you can take a lot of steps and then retrace them and do them over again. Just because you've started on a journey... Continue Reading →

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