Making a Manuscript Key

I want to be able to track this journey of how my stories evolve, but not being able to go back and know which manuscript I was discussing feels problematic. Solution:create a manuscript key. The manuscript key allows me to discuss a manuscript by its catalog number. I don’t discuss my projects by title should... Continue Reading →

An Argument for Archiving

I went into my files this week to pull out one of the first drafts of the manuscript I’m doing a revision on. I was hoping that I'd find a scene I knew I'd cut from the current version in this version I thought I had archived. I didn’t find it in there. I checked... Continue Reading →

Losing My Place

I had an interesting thing happen this week. A dear friend of mine was asking about a manuscript I had sent her the first chapter of a few years ago and how the story had developed. I told her it was complete and she asked if she could read it in its entirety. I was... Continue Reading →

A Year in Review, Second Edition

Starting this blog two years ago turned out to be a natural evolution of chronicling my past. I have journals from the past decade and a half that are a record of the things that have happened to me personally, the evolution of my relationships and family, and the catalog of my goals and dreams.... Continue Reading →

Goals: The Bottom Line

I was having a conversation with my sister the other day and it inspired me to extend the conversation on goals. The bottom line is to never stop working on and writing my stories. Yes, I want to participate in the Nanowrimo challenges because they are a great way to push myself. Yes, I want... Continue Reading →

Writing and Weaving

Stories. This week it was all about the stories. I continued to work on revising the Nanowrimo 2018 manuscript and revising/writing the new story. I am loving the pacing and process I've got going on for both. I'm currently taking the time to read through and revise anywhere from two to four chapters at a... Continue Reading →

Unknown Writing

This new project I’m working on is mostly unknown writing. I have an idea of the basic outline of the story, but I don’t know my secondary characters, all of my main characters motivations or talents, or how they will interact with each other. It’s a hard thing to make momentum when you’re laying the... Continue Reading →

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