Middle of the Journey

November is just over halfway through and with it NaNoWriMo begins to wind down. With under ten days until the end of the challenge, I wonder where many writers are finding themselves. As for myself, at over the halfway point, I am still very much at the beginning of my story. I started out the... Continue Reading →

Eve of NaNoWriMo 2022

Just as humans young and more mature are getting ready to create some mischief in search of some candy tonight, writers are preparing to create some words in search of a story tomorrow. Hopefully, candy and mischief will be involved in their pursuit too. National Novel Writing Month kicks off tomorrow, November 1st, and it’s... Continue Reading →

Making Space for Rest

Last week our family went on our last summer trip. This week I’m starting the new job I’ve been prepping for. One of the last things I need to do to be ready for this big change, is to make space for rest. I know I’m ready for this new job in most of the... Continue Reading →

Big Changes, Small Steps

Last week was all about the big changes that are coming. I spent hours at my desk and in my office working on things for my new job and still have hours more to go. The state of my office very much reflects the state of my mind right now and, believe it or not,... Continue Reading →

Writing, The Small Victories

I finally finished the chapter/scene I’ve been working on for months now. It happened all at at once after many small sessions. The monumental effort it took to finish this chapter felt disproportionate to what it usually takes, but I know that’s not a unique case. Last week a very good friend of mine called... Continue Reading →

Moment by Moment

My life is different now than it was a month ago. It’s a small thing to say, but a large thing to wrap my mind around. I’ve had more than a few weeks to think through what it all will mean and somehow, my brain still has not caught up to reality. Last week was... Continue Reading →

Querying, Updating the Tracker

This week I received another rejection. It was great because it both reminded me that my work is out there, being read (if not for a long, long while) and that I need to continue querying to keep getting rejected. Of course, rejection is not the end goal in querying. I query (sending out letters... Continue Reading →

2022/2023 Goals

My goals for this year are simple, probably more simple than they've ever been. For July of 2022 through June of 2023 my goals are to write, revise, and repeat. It's the motto I've both leaned on casually and fallen back on when things get hard. It’s been important to me on this journey and... Continue Reading →

2021/2022 Goals Reflection

My goals from July of 2021 through this June changed in so many ways. Looking back on what I thought would happen and what I’d hoped to accomplish and comparing it to what actually happened and what I was able to accomplish is really difficult. Few things match up and none of it truly encompasses... Continue Reading →

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