2022/2023 Goals

My goals for this year are simple, probably more simple than they’ve ever been. For July of 2022 through June of 2023 my goals are to write, revise, and repeat. It’s the motto I’ve both leaned on casually and fallen back on when things get hard. It’s been important to me on this journey and it’s the motto I plan to lean on heavily over these next twelve months.

Every other year before this I’ve had very detailed, very complex plans. Before this year, I needed to have detailed plans in order to complete the task list that loomed before me, back before I’d ever completed a manuscript. There are things happening now and things that have shifted that make this move from a detailed list to overarching goals very, very necessary. Do I have some specific projects in mind that I would like to work on this year? Yes. Do I also know that my time allotment for writing is going to change each month of this year and that right now I don’t know what that is going to look like? Absolutely. Sticking to the loosest of goals, this motto that I’ve written in journals, on plot boards and letter boards and anywhere else I need to see it over the last few years, will keep me focused and motivated when I do find those precious pockets of time to write. I know I will have time to write this year and I know that I will continue to work toward my goal of publication, but I also know that life, in all of its’ beautiful ways, changes. This year will be no different and making space to honor those changes, especially in my goals, is something I’ll always work hard and be grateful for.

I’m diving right into that work this week. This week I need to update my query tracker (yes, querying is also a large part of my goals this year) as I’ve received a few rejections over the past few weeks. I want to keep that document current and send out a few new queries this week. I’m also going to dedicate some time to MS:TS this week. I am going to finish the chapter I’m in and move forward. I actually had a moment during a writing day with my peer critique group where I wrote the first chapter of a new story for a fun writing activity. As I was writing it, I was thinking of the women in MS:TS and what carrying a secret means. There’s so much nuance to behavior in someone who is holding a secret especially when that character lives so closely with the one she’s keeping it from. The writing exercise made me think about these two women being in a high state of anxiety in this chapter, the secrets between them, and the way they try to protect each other. I think it changes my second narrator more than I realized before and it’s something I want to keep front of mind as I finish out this chapter with her. The new writing I did will be tucked away for contemplation in the fall when I decide whether or not I can complete NaNoWriMo this year. Whether or not I do, no matter what my monthly writing goals I do take on and complete this year, I know I will continue to write and honor my stories by getting them onto the page.

In case you haven’t been told today, you are more than enough.

With you in words, Nikole

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