Writing and Weaving

Stories. This week it was all about the stories. I continued to work on revising the Nanowrimo 2018 manuscript and revising/writing the new story. I am loving the pacing and process I've got going on for both. I'm currently taking the time to read through and revise anywhere from two to four chapters at a... Continue Reading →

Unknown Writing

This new project I’m working on is mostly unknown writing. I have an idea of the basic outline of the story, but I don’t know my secondary characters, all of my main characters motivations or talents, or how they will interact with each other. It’s a hard thing to make momentum when you’re laying the... Continue Reading →

Ten Top Tens

This is my 100th blog post! I am finding so much joy in tracking my progress and process, and having a place to share the journey with you. As a fun way to celebrate the 100th blog and get to know me a little better, I'm going to share ten top tens! (Not shared in... Continue Reading →

All the Feelings

Full disclosure first: this moment happened after I had to break down two arguments that happened between my girls approximately 5.78 seconds into the activity. They were bickering over which coloring book they wanted, and after some negotiation my oldest gave up her book saying, "I didn't really want to color in it anyway." 🤦🏻‍♀️... Continue Reading →

Story Structures

I'm structuring a story in quite a different fashion than I normally do. Normally, I start with the basic ideas for each act of the story, a general idea of who the characters are, and what is going to happen to them in the larger scheme of things. For this new story, I did start... Continue Reading →

Sharing Space Virtually

This past Friday night I attended a virtual write-in with a couple of my peer critique friends. Two of us wrote while one of us worked on an art project and it wound up being a mostly quiet couple of hours of shared space. It was lovely because we were able to support each other... Continue Reading →

Living with Uncertainty

Each day this week brought a new discovery or moment of realization for what it means to live with uncertainty. They included the day we needed to stop, take deep breaths, and remember to ask for help when the feelings we’re feeling get too big to handle alone. They also included taking out the camping... Continue Reading →

How Quickly Things Change

First and foremost, a huge and heartfelt thank you to everyone on the front lines fighting COVID-19. Last week it was announced that a stay-at-home order would be put in effect in New Hampshire until May 4th. Our schools also extended remote learning until then, both with the possibility of staying in place beyond that... Continue Reading →

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