Making Space for Rest

Last week our family went on our last summer trip. This week I’m starting the new job I’ve been prepping for. One of the last things I need to do to be ready for this big change, is to make space for rest.

I know I’m ready for this new job in most of the ways I can be. I’ve prepped the best I can and I’ve got the things I need to begin. I’ve worked through my nerves (mostly) and I’ve done the work to deal with the nerves when they pop-up again. The biggest thing I can do now, is to ready myself to take space when I need it and rest when I need it. What that looks like will depend on what I need. Some days I will I need to settle myself on the couch with a book and lose myself in the pages for an hour. Other days I will need to tuck into my newest hobby (diamond painting) and lose myself there for an hour. One big thing I will need, and it’s the toughest one for me to accept always, is to drop things from my to-do list to make space when there is none to be had. Will that mean there will be a week here and there that I won’t be able post about my writing journey? Yes, yes it will. It’s all part of the big changes and I’ve (mostly) worked through accepting that.

There have been so many big changes that have happened over the last month or so and I know that I just can’t do everything I have been doing plus all of the new things coming. There is only so much time and energy available to get everything done and pushing beyond what a person should do is just not a good idea. I’ve worked hard to not be the person who burns out anymore and that mindset has to shift with me into this new role. For my physical health, my mental health, myself and my family, I cannot let this next phase of life burn me out. I am so excited to be moving into this new phase and I am going to honor myself by not overdoing it. I am excited to figure it all out and to see where everything fits. I’m going to move forward knowing I will do my best in all things and make time to rest when I need it.

In case you haven’t been told today, you are more than enough.

With you in words, Nikole

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