Making Space

It felt really good to get writing done last week, both in the form of new words and the revision of existing ones. It felt equally good to swipe my calendar for August clean and make space for all of the non-writing things to come during that month. Last week I was able to revise... Continue Reading →

The Push and Pull of Pacing

Revising a story offers challenges on all kinds of fronts and I find those challenges differ depending on the manuscript. With MS:D, I'm finding the largest challenge is finding that sweet spot in pacing the action that's taking place. This week was all about finessing the chapters and scenes to find the right balance. I... Continue Reading →

Chronic Conditions and Creativity

Or Managing Migraines and Manuscripts in my case. The thoughts around it and the grace we need to give ourselves are the same no matter the condition we deal with. Last week was full of migraine management and my manuscript sat untouched through most of it. I was not able to get any creative work... Continue Reading →

Drafts Are Meant to be Chopped

I had a moment last week where I had to confront a kind of ugly truth. I was being precious with my draft. I was being precious with my draft, and it was stalling my progress. Last week I was struggling through a chapter. I had finally finished the chapter I had been struggling through... Continue Reading →

Goals for 2021-2022

Now that my 2020-2021 writing year has come to an end, I can feel like I've let go of one more level of 2020. I'm no longer constantly ghosted by what my year looked like then, as I prepare for my 2021-2022 writing year to begin. This year is a little different for me than... Continue Reading →

A Year in Review, Third Edition

It has been three years since I started this blog to chronicle my writing journey. The amount of growth I've experienced in this last year has caused me to stop more than once to thank my past-self for starting where she was and not stopping. One of the things I’ve really felt in this past... Continue Reading →

A Change of Scenery

It has been almost two years since I have been back to the mountains of New Hampshire, and I missed it dearly. There is a magic to being in these mountains in summer that just fills my cup like nothing else does. The story I’m revising, MS:D, is set in these mountains and being in... Continue Reading →

Are You My Motivation?

Legit that has felt like my week. Everyday I’d look at a journal, a planner, a sticker kit and wonder, are you my motivation? The answer was always no. 🤦🏻‍♀️ The beginning of the week, I let the lack of motivation rule me. This week with extra things happening as school winds down and more... Continue Reading →

Back in the Reading

Reading for me happens in big swings. I either go a few months without reading anything new or I chew through a couple of new books in a few weeks. I know most of the reason behind that is the stage of life I’m in and I’m working on being ok with that. When the... Continue Reading →

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