Goals for 2021-2022

Now that my 2020-2021 writing year has come to an end, I can feel like I've let go of one more level of 2020. I'm no longer constantly ghosted by what my year looked like then, as I prepare for my 2021-2022 writing year to begin. This year is a little different for me than... Continue Reading →

A Change of Scenery

It has been almost two years since I have been back to the mountains of New Hampshire, and I missed it dearly. There is a magic to being in these mountains in summer that just fills my cup like nothing else does. The story I’m revising, MS:D, is set in these mountains and being in... Continue Reading →

Are You My Motivation?

Legit that has felt like my week. Everyday I’d look at a journal, a planner, a sticker kit and wonder, are you my motivation? The answer was always no. 🤦🏻‍♀️ The beginning of the week, I let the lack of motivation rule me. This week with extra things happening as school winds down and more... Continue Reading →

Back in the Reading

Reading for me happens in big swings. I either go a few months without reading anything new or I chew through a couple of new books in a few weeks. I know most of the reason behind that is the stage of life I’m in and I’m working on being ok with that. When the... Continue Reading →

Back in the Writing

I'm back in the writing, walking the woods of this manuscript and it feels magical to be in it. Every time I enter this story, I am grateful to be writing it. MS:D (manuscript key discussion here) is set in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and it is one of my very favorite places... Continue Reading →

Plot Work and Adding Backstory

While working on the plot of MS:D last week and getting ready to begin writing in the manuscript again, I found a few issues that needed addressing. When I'm writing a story, I know why my characters are doing what they're doing and I know why they are stressed about the outcome of whatever situation... Continue Reading →

Crawling in Sprints to the Finish Line

Finishing this manuscript was challenging in ways I just didn't expect. But, after many ten and twenty minute writing sprints where I watched the word count slowly creep up, I can finally say that the first draft of MS:L is complete! This last week, the last week of writing this manuscript, proved to be a... Continue Reading →

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