Nearing The End

Last week I continued working on revisions and ended the week with only five more chapters to go before this version of the story is complete. It’s always a bittersweet experience to approach the finish line on a project and this one is no different. As I’m nearing the end I keep reflecting back on... Continue Reading →

Word Count

Working on the revision of my manuscript and while the word count did go down a day last week, it is rising at a steady incline. Each climb up the chart is another win for revising and another chapter closer to finalizing this version of the story. I spent a lot of time with my... Continue Reading →

Setting up for September

Summer is officially over as both of my girls head to school this week and that means we’re entering another phase of life. This phase promises to be exciting, challenging, and full of things I’m sure I don’t see coming. The summer ended the way a lot of things are in the world right now,... Continue Reading →

What is my Revision Process? Step 2

Once I've finished collecting the feedback on the draft of my manuscript, I get ready to go into the next step of my revision process. The second step in my revision process is to create the plan for the revisions that need to take place. This step is definitely one that varies writer to writer.... Continue Reading →

Making Space

It felt really good to get writing done last week, both in the form of new words and the revision of existing ones. It felt equally good to swipe my calendar for August clean and make space for all of the non-writing things to come during that month. Last week I was able to revise... Continue Reading →

The Push and Pull of Pacing

Revising a story offers challenges on all kinds of fronts and I find those challenges differ depending on the manuscript. With MS:D, I'm finding the largest challenge is finding that sweet spot in pacing the action that's taking place. This week was all about finessing the chapters and scenes to find the right balance. I... Continue Reading →

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