Revising, Confronting Old Setbacks Anew

Last week as I was revising, I felt the familiar hesitation creeping into my writing space. I sighed, knowing exactly what it was, and kept working. At some point though the feeling started filling the space and I knew I needed to confront it.

There is always a moment (usually several) during a writing project where the same hesitation creeps into my fingers as I type. I’ll be deep in a scene, revising a paragraph and working through problems, when I feel it creeping in. It’s the hesitation about what will happen when I finish this revision, knowing that I will likely have to come back and revise yet again, and so what is the point if that is the truth. I grit my teeth because I know I’ve had to talk myself through it before, yet I still have to stop and do it again. I did stop and remind myself how much I love the work of writing and that this is the work that gets the story better. That if I’m here again, it’s because I’ve written something worth working on and through and that is the moment where I usually am and finally was able to break out of the cycle again.

Once I did that last week, I slipped into the third chapter and really began to walk in the second sister’s POV (point-of-view) and write. This story, MS:TS, is about these sisters and everything that happens is either a direct result of their situation, relationship, or decisions made for each other. The major push and pull of this manuscript then is how the storyline is pulled to one sister and then yanked back to the other. One of the best parts of writing this story from a dual POV is that the reader will be able to see just what each sister is thinking and feeling as they make the decision that they do. Right now in the story, seeing the aftermath of this life-altering moment from the second sister’s eyes and experiencing the first sister’s pain through her is going to be so important for all of the things to come. It will add a depth to the telling of the story that wouldn’t be there otherwise. I’m excited to keep working through the scenes I ended on last week and break back into the first sister’s POV.

In case you haven’t been told today, you are more than enough.

With you in words, Nikole

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