Weaving the Writing and Deadlines

This week I struggled with my manuscript in weaving the new edits necessary to take this story to the next level with the writing that's already been done. Also, deadlines. 🙂 As I was working on MS:T last week, I was struggling with a piece of the story I wanted to introduce in chapter eight.... Continue Reading →

A Word to Lean Into

A few years ago I heard about this idea of picking a word for the year to lean into and explore. I’ve picked a word the last several years and I’ve loved what each one has taught me. This year, I’m really excited to do the same and I love the word I’ve chosen. Now,... Continue Reading →

Letting 2020 Go

Oh my dear readers. We are getting ready to say goodbye to the year and what a year it is has been. I spent this past week setting up my plot board and dry erase boards for the new year. My plot board is full of index cards, one for each chapter of MS:T, with... Continue Reading →

Completing a Goal

I finished the complete revision of MS:SB and it felt so good to complete the goal before 2020 ended. This was a project I started way back in the beginning of the year and I almost let it go. I knew if I did, I would only be slowing down the work I want to... Continue Reading →

NaNoWriMo 2020 Reflections

As expected, this year’s challenge was more difficult than years past, but the words have been written and with them the first draft of this story has been set on the page. Finishing a story, proving to oneself that they can complete a story start to finish and show up each and every day for... Continue Reading →

NaNoWriMo 2020 Week 5

Day 23: 4,644 words. This might have been the single most amount of words I've written in a day for NaNoWriMo ever. I just couldn't stop after I wrote the chapter I needed to write today. I couldn't leave my characters beaten down and at their lowest point without traveling that darkness with them. I... Continue Reading →

NaNoWriMo 2020 Week 4

Day 16: 1,669 words. Ended on another awesome cliffhanger. I like that. Day 17: 1,751 words. I wrote something in this chapter today that, before I wrote it, I had to turn to my husband and say, “this is going to be horrible.” It’s something I didn’t know was going to happen and it is... Continue Reading →

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