Changing the Parting Words

Since I began this blog, I have ended it with the farewell parting of "happy writing." Increasingly though, perhaps over the past year most intensely, those two words have not meant exactly what I mean them to mean anymore. Of course, I wish happiness to my fellow humans. I hope for happiness for those I... Continue Reading →

Creating a Character Study

In attempting to understand my second POV (point of view) character better, I have decided to create a character study for her. It took a bit of digging through old files, journals, and my digital folders, but I have put together some of my tried and true (and some new) exercises to get to know... Continue Reading →

Considering the Second POV

As a writer who has only written single POV (point of view) manuscripts, contemplating writing a multiple POV story is intimidating. Even with the story presenting as what should have naturally been a dual POV story from early on in the project, the task is something that needs some serious thought before writing begins. Changing... Continue Reading →

When the Story Splits

In my preparations to begin revising MS:TS, I have made a rather large decision about the story. Largely based on invaluable feedback from critiquing sessions and a class I just finished, plus some serious grappling with the implications of the decision, I have decided to change this manuscript from a one Point of View (POV)... Continue Reading →

Embracing a New Timeline

Going through my goal planning process and breaking it down over the past month has been hugely helpful as I look to the months ahead. With it all in mind, it is time for me to embrace a new timeline moving forward. Traditionally, I set an overview for my entire writing year in May/June of... Continue Reading →

Reflect: Goal Planning Process Step 1

First, a word on this series. Goal planning is a process and this series of blogs is a look at what mine is. It’s a process I’ve created based on countless articles, motivational speeches, goal planning systems (both paper and digital), etc. and advice from writers, authors, friends, motivational speakers, mentors, etc. given or read... Continue Reading →

Welcoming 2022

2022 is here and, ready or not, this new year is already rolling out beneath me. Mostly I feel ready, but I've got my stash of resiliency on hand for whatever surprises come my way. In both instances I feel like the word I've chosen for this year is the best shield I can have... Continue Reading →

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