Working with the Time Available

Time this week has not been my friend. Getting back into tutoring shifts, preparing for some travel, starting dance competition season, etc have absolutely taken over and working toward my goals has taken a serious back seat. This is a huge issue and the most important thing I can do to work through it, is... Continue Reading →

Sharing Writing

It's a funny thing, the difference between sharing pieces of a story for critiquing and handing off a complete manuscript for a read-through.  There's something so much more revealing about handing over the complete manuscript, knowing that when it's viewed in its entirety, all of the flaws and weak points are out of your control... Continue Reading →


I will succeed despite setback. I will carry on despite an abundance of carry-over.  I will not give up. That's been my January mantra.  I've had to remind myself of this as the deadline I set for myself approaches and I am still not half-way through revising my manuscript.  I also had to REALLY remind... Continue Reading →

Half-way through, Not half-way there

We are half-way through the month, and while I'm not half-way through the revising of my manuscript, I am making progress on it and so many other things. My peer critique group and I are gearing up for a weekend writing retreat. To that end, I've prepared a query letter for workshopping, planned a pitching... Continue Reading →

Revising, Everywhere

This week, I worked in my car and at the dance studio more often than I worked at home. It's the stage of life I'm in and I work hard to remember that when I find myself wishing for more down time to work on my manuscripts. I don't wish it away because my children... Continue Reading →

Jumping into Revising

Revisions have so far been full of backlogging information.  For this manuscript, I only completed a certain amount of pre-planning documents, character mapping, and story notes before I started in on the story.  This story started as a question I had about something I had seen many times and often wondered about.  It was a... Continue Reading →

Welcoming 2019

As 2018 draws to a close, I am all at once enjoying the peace and quiet reflecting on what an incredible year it has been and preparing for the work of 2019 to begin January first.  I purchased Revision and Self-Editing and have a clean printed copy of the manuscript I will be revising in... Continue Reading →

Free Writing…or not

I gave myself permission to follow any ideas that came to me the last few weeks of December, as a way to relax and enjoy the freedom of not hitting deadlines after NaNoWriMo and before the intense work of revising manuscripts begins in January.  What did I free write you ask?  One short story.  Have... Continue Reading →

Goals for Quarter 3

Quarter 3 for my writing goals cover December, January, and February.  My focus at the beginning of this quarter marks a major shift from what I've been focusing on for the past year and a half.  My main focus leading up to this point has been on creating content.  I knew I wanted to have... Continue Reading →

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