Remember when I said last week that I was surprised it was August already?  Yeah, that paled in comparison to realizing that, when this is posted, we are almost HALFWAY THROUGH THIS MONTH.

This month, this whole summer really, feels like it is flying away beneath my feet because 1. I have been enjoying the time with my family immensely and 2. we have some big changes coming this fall that I am slightly nervous about.  I will be returning to the paid work force for the first time in three years, both of my girls will be in school, and we have more extra-curricular activities for my oldest daughter than ever before. This new stage we are entering makes me think first about what we need to change to keep the laundry from piling up and from entering the fast food lanes on busy nights. But most importantly, it makes me think about the balance we need to fight for, for each member of the family.

This past week has mostly been me consumed in thoughts of what’s coming and preparations for the fall. I’m hoping that this week I can finalize my second quarter goals. I’ve got my work schedule, the school calendar, and the extracurricular calendar already. Just waiting on a few more pieces of information to have a clear picture of what each week will look like.

How do you prepare for big changes? Is there a particular thing you do that helps either with the schedule or just mentally to get yourself ready?

Happy Writing!

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  1. I am not a fan of big changes, but I also welcome them, because without them, I might get stuck in the same old boring rut. I prepare for them with lots of discussion, thought, prayers, and Loooooong think-it-out walks. 🙂


    1. In the past, big changes would cause me to get so anxious and worried that I would have a really hard time going through the changes and adjusting. Over the years I’ve found that if I talk (A LOT 😁) about what makes me nervous and think about what’s happening and do whatever I need to in order to feel prepared, I feel so much better and enjoy the process more.


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