Filling the 20,000 Word Gap

So.  I’m happily going along, revising SB, reviewing all the feedback I’ve received, when I notice a circle on the word count on a draft.  Then a note about word count on another draft.  And then, my brain remembers a conversation from one of our peer critique sessions, when a friend remarked that I should check the word count on YA novels.  I did that, and yup.  I’m about 20,000 words short.  🤦🏻‍♀️ When I first completed this story, it was close to 28,000 words longer.  I didn’t realize in all the shape-shifting the manuscript has done, that it’d lost that much during the process.

But, that’s OK, because there are half a dozen chapters in the last two acts of the story that need to be split into two separate chapters, and then added to.  There are also some back-fill details that should be added to the first act, which could be accomplished in one, but probably will best be accomplished in two additional chapters.  A couple of chapters need to be filled in because they are more like place holders, and then the ending needs to be filled out more.  Writing 20,000 words sounds like a good way to spend the rest of summer. 😬 I’m going to add those 20,000 words while revising (not necessarily editing) the manuscript.  I want it completely done by September 1st.  SB’s current word count is 37,924 words.  I’d also like to finish outlining SoS by September 1st and potentially write a complete first draft of that manuscript during the month of September before getting ready for NaNoWriMo.

What are you working on right now? What’s keeping you motivated lately?

Happy Writing!

4 thoughts on “Filling the 20,000 Word Gap

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  1. I have the same problem, where I never seem to have enough words… We Live in the Dark is around 46K and Victim’s Ball is 52K. Apparently, along with pantser and plotter, there are also put-inners and take-outers, people who underwrite and overwrite… I wish I did more overwriting but alas…

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    1. Oh geez, I’ve never heard of put-inners and take-outers. I wish more of what I overwrote belonged in the story in my revisions, but a lot of it is me trying to figure out what I’m trying to say, and then when I do, I realize a lot of it can be cut to be written more elegantly. :/


  2. I am working on about six different picture book manuscripts right now. Not knowing if I won a mentorship is keeping me motivated. I expect I didn’t so I expect I’m going to be quite disappointed tomorrow!!!


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