Word Count

Working on the revision of my manuscript and while the word count did go down a day last week, it is rising at a steady incline. Each climb up the chart is another win for revising and another chapter closer to finalizing this version of the story. I spent a lot of time with my... Continue Reading →

Drafts Are Meant to be Chopped

I had a moment last week where I had to confront a kind of ugly truth. I was being precious with my draft. I was being precious with my draft, and it was stalling my progress. Last week I was struggling through a chapter. I had finally finished the chapter I had been struggling through... Continue Reading →

Back in the Writing

I'm back in the writing, walking the woods of this manuscript and it feels magical to be in it. Every time I enter this story, I am grateful to be writing it. MS:D (manuscript key discussion here) is set in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and it is one of my very favorite places... Continue Reading →

Writing after a Break

Last week I wrote about 9,000 new words in MS:L. It took a minute to get back into the rhythm of working on it, but it felt really good to move the story that much closer to its’ ending. Getting back into a story after taking a break from writing can be a really refreshing... Continue Reading →

Diving into the Manuscript

Should it surprise me when my character do things I don't expect them to? No. DOES it still surprise me every time they do? Yes, yes it does. Characters going rogue is a really intriguing occurrence in writing, especially because I am such a planner. I take the time to outline what the story is... Continue Reading →

NaNoWriMo 2020 Week 3

Day 9: 1,696 words. It’s weird how quickly these first weeks have gone by. Usually it feels like it takes a lot longer to get to day nine, to close out act one and move into act two, but it’s just not the case this year. It’s positive, in that the story has got such... Continue Reading →

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