NaNoWriMo 2020 Week 3

Day 9: 1,696 words. It’s weird how quickly these first weeks have gone by. Usually it feels like it takes a lot longer to get to day nine, to close out act one and move into act two, but it’s just not the case this year. It’s positive, in that the story has got such a natural momentum, but negative, because I fear losing track of my different plot points and character arcs. Today there was a moment where my one group had to come completely clean with my second group in terms of some background knowledge they absolutely needed to have. It helped to solidify their relationships and gave me a clearer view of how the one character works where she wound up.

Day 10: 1,670 words. I took time today to roughly plot out the rest of Act 2. I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t lose track of the different points in the story and I needed to try to see how everything was going to shift and change with this character going rogue on me. It wound being great because I was able to get an idea of how the story has shifted (SO much for the better) but also what it means the story is leading to. And that is going to be really freaking hard to write.

Day 11: 1,848 words. This is going to be a really rough first draft. And that’s ok, because it will be a complete rough first draft and I can’t get to the complete better second draft without the first. It’s all good, but I had to say that to myself A LOT today to get through my words. It’s really something else when characters have to declare their intentions and work through hard situations. It causes them to stammer which charges the scene with a completely different atmosphere, especially when these are really strong leaders. Seeing them be vulnerable and work through hard things was really lovely.

Day 12: 1,663 words. I wrote a freaking cliffhanger of an ending to this chapter and it is so good! I am so excited to pick it back up tomorrow!

Day 13: 1,675 words. Today was a really satisfying day. The previous chapter was a beautiful setup for this chapter and it’s one of my favorite sections of the story so far. Tomorrow is when my characters get to where they’re going and it’s going to ratchet that tension up high again. This part of the story is really going to test the characters and the relationships they’re building. That character that showed up where I didn’t expect her to? Yeah, that is working out so freaking awesomely. I love it. It is exactly what was supposed to happen in this story.

Day 14: 1,682 words. Today was rough to get the words out. But I did, and it’s done, and it was good. I’m excited for where they are and what we’re getting set to see happen.

Day 15: 1,685 words. I’m at 26,000 words and over halfway there! I LOVE having hit this point in the story. The character’s are completely comfortable with each other, the reader knows what they are trying to accomplish, and everything is in place for what is going to happen next. Which is going to be awful, and wonderful, and terrible, and exciting. I cannot wait to get there!

Happy Writing!

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