NaNoWriMo 2020 Week 4

Day 16: 1,669 words. Ended on another awesome cliffhanger. I like that.

Day 17: 1,751 words. I wrote something in this chapter today that, before I wrote it, I had to turn to my husband and say, “this is going to be horrible.” It’s something I didn’t know was going to happen and it is something that I wouldn’t want for any of my characters. But, my villain is very villain-y and it is exactly what his character would do in the situation. I just really didn’t want to write it. 😦

Day 18: 1,680 words. My characters are making decisions, supporting each other, and getting ready to move into the next phase of things. It’s going to be so bad. So good, but so, so bad.

Day 19: 1,701 words. It’s so bad. It’s just going to get worse. And that’s pretty great. I’m at the point in the story where I’ve built everything up, the stage has been set and everything has led to these next few chapters.

Day 20: 1,791 words. A virtual writing night tonight helped me finish out my word count! Thank you ladies. 🙂 Being in the same space (mostly while you stare off into the imaginary world you are building for ten minute chunks at a time) is wonderfully motivating. Today’s chapter worked to move my characters from one place to another, a place they’ve been trying to get to for some time, and the tension is high. I have to say too, with this manuscript, I’m going with one word chapter titles and it has turned out to be a really powerful exercise. I started with one word titles for the first few chapters happening organically, and then turned it into a challenge to continue the trend throughout the rest of the book. It’s been really cool to look back through the chapter and try to find one word that sums up the essence of what has happened within it.

Day 21: 1,625 words. My characters are there. They are in the situation, the others are beginning to show up, and it’s about to go down!

Day 22: 3,290 words. That, was a sprint. The story is deep into the dark night for my character’s, things are spiraling into the darkest parts, and when I finished the chapter I set out to write tonight, I knew I needed to keep going and write the next one at the same time. The next chapter wound to what I knew was coming, what I didn’t want to write, and it is just as horrible as I imagined it would be to write. 😦 Now to take a break before tomorrow’s writing.

Happy Writing!

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  1. I love that huge jump on your chart LOL. Also, it’s weird but I kinda like being mean to my characters? It helps me know that that stakes are high! Keep going, you got this!!


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