NaNoWriMo 2020 Week 5

Day 23: 4,644 words. This might have been the single most amount of words I’ve written in a day for NaNoWriMo ever. I just couldn’t stop after I wrote the chapter I needed to write today. I couldn’t leave my characters beaten down and at their lowest point without traveling that darkness with them. I walked with them through the loss, watched them get beat down again, and stayed until they slowly began to pick up the pieces of what was left. It was a lot to go through.

Day 24: 3,240 words. The chapters today felt like a lot of exposition. It works, for now, but will need a lot of clean up later. What I’ll have to decide, and what I just wasn’t sure of, is how I’m going to craft this particular section of act three. We’ve been through the darkest night, the losses, the lowest point, and now as they come out of it, I find they are all vying for attention as they work through their emotions about what has happened and how they are going to move forward. It was a very loud writing session within my head today.

Day 25: 1,494 words. It’s almost the end. The next writing session I complete will end this book and close out the first trilogy I have written. I love these characters so dearly and I feel each step of the journey they’ve taken to get here so deeply. It’s been amazing to take this journey with them.

Day 26: 0 words. I needed today to celebrate Thanksgiving, to be with my husband and girls, and to put my Christmas tree up. It was a day well spent.

Day 27: 1,637 words. I finished! It’s done! The full first draft came in at 50,645 words. That’s 50,645 words that didn’t exist on the last day of October, 50,645 words of a first draft that will get me to the eventual second draft of this story. I wrote these last words with some of my writing group virtually, which was just icing on the cake. Now it is time to go crash and leave reflecting on the whole experience for next week.

Happy Writing and Happy Exhaustive Collapse Post-Nano Completion!

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