Onward and Upward

This week I’ve been taking time here and there to write. Last night, I worked from 8:00 pm – 12:30 am on my story and it felt SO GOOD! Some thoughts I had while working this week.

I am not a great speller. I’ve gotten much better over the years, but it’s not something that comes to me naturally. Add to that residual anxiety from years of failing spelling tests and even when I know how to spell a word, I pretty consistently second guess myself. But, I don’t let it stand in my way.

I thought A LOT about what to do when writing my story starts to feel like a fight. I decided I needed to 1) fight only to a point- long enough to prove that I’m not giving up and then 2) let it be- it obviously meant something wasn’t ready. I went through those stages and then realized that the fight was because I thought I needed an answer to a question that I really don’t need yet. I just don’t like not knowing. I accepted that and kept writing.

I reminded myself not to get caught up in the formatting. I spent nearly a half an hour trying to fix a formatting problem in Scrivener where when I press enter, my next line doesn’t automatically indent and then when I manually indent, I feel like it is indenting too much space. SOOO frustrating. I made myself move on though, for the sake of my story. (Anyone run into this issue though?)

Also, I thought about bouncing to another story while I was working this one. I’ve got this story which needs to be finished and then another that needs to be edited and revised. I didn’t, more because I didn’t have time to, but I haven’t decided if I really won’t.

How is everyone doing? How are the stories coming along?

Happy Writing!

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  1. I hear you on the formatting !
    I’ve been spending more time on author platform lately … I sat down yesterday to write a rough draft of a new picture book and it came out absolutely terrible !!! Ha! But that should mean it should be really easy for it to get better right ?


    1. Exactly! 😁 As long as it’s on the page, it will get better, but it can’t get better until it’s written down first. Or, that’s what I tell myself when I’m writing something and I want to stop because it’s not coming out the way I want! All of it is progress in the right direction.

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  2. I’ve had all kinds of formatting issues in Scrivener… There’s a way to preset things but I find it much less intuitive than MS Word!


    1. Yes! It’s driving me crazy! I’ve got to play with it more, but it really is one of the trickier platforms I’ve used. I’ve seen and heard that it works better on Macs than PCs, because it was built for Macs, but I’m thinking there’s got to be something I’m missing. Also, I’m not great with the technical stuff, so it might that too 😬


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