In the Story

I’ve been writing this week, filling in gaps and steadily completing manuscript 1.  One of the chapters I’ve been working on in act 2 is key in understanding why and how one of my characters is different than everyone else in their world. The characters are going to a place to see what makes the one specific character different and in direct conflict with the world she was born into. I knew what the difference in the character was when I started writing the story, and now as I’m writing her and the others into the setting, I’m understanding the HOW of what she can do works. I couldn’t see this clearly until I had placed her in the setting and started seeing how she reacted and interacted there. This story is one I started so long ago and it is incredibly satisfying to be getting the rest of the pieces out of me and onto the page.  My characters are doing what they need to do and the ending that I didn’t realize I was working toward all those years ago, continues to reveal itself, piece by piece.

By the end of the month this manuscript will be complete.  It will go in the pile of revisions for December.  October will be for NaNoWriMo prep, and then NaNoWriMo in November! I will be on track to end 2018 with three complete manuscripts.  2019 will begin with me opening myself up to other story ideas I’ve got cataloged in Scrivener to see which characters demand my attention first and starting to get those finished stories from 2018 circulating out to agents and/or publishers.

(Let’s have a side conversation for a minute here.  I very much know how rare it is for a writer’s first stories to get published.  I do not send these first stories out into the world expecting a book contract to come following after.  My intent in sending my stories to agents and/or publishers is to get feedback from those audiences on my stories.  My first rejection letters will be validation that I am trying.  My first rejection letters that are not the generic template, that contain a line or two specific to my writing, will be validation that I’m trying and my stories are being read.  My goal in sending these stories out is to continue my journey into the industry and to, eventually, share my stories with the world.)

Also, fall is officially here, and that’s my very favorite. 😁

How is everyone doing with their writing? Who else is gearing up and excited to go on the NaNoWriMo journey?!?!?

Happy Writing!

October Blogs will be all about NaNoWriMo!!!

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