Half-way through, Not half-way there

We are half-way through the month, and while I’m not half-way through the revising of my manuscript, I am making progress on it and so many other things.

My peer critique group and I are gearing up for a weekend writing retreat. To that end, I’ve prepared a query letter for workshopping, planned a pitching workshop, prepared some work for critique, and bought ingredients for a peach dump cake. Because writing retreats require such things. 😁 All of this has taken time from revising, but it’s all part of the journey.

I am still, I think, on track to give my manuscript a complete revision by the end of the month. Some things took longer while others didn’t need much attention at all, so while I’m not halfway through the manuscript, I think it will still happen.

I also had a moment this week where my own work was reflected back to me and I realized just how much I have done and accomplished. I’m so focused on climbing the next step and overcoming the next hurdle toward the end goal of sharing my stories with the world, that stopping to reflect on everything I’ve done to get to the current step is done quickly and efficiently. Stopping, really, fully stopping to think about EVERYTHING that’s gone into the work that it’s taken to get to this point was a lovely gift. It made me think about how hard I’ve worked and what I am going to be able to do because of what I’ve done already.

When was the last time you stopped to take stock of everything you’ve completed toward accomplishing a goal? Have you stopped and given yourself the pat on the back you deserve for the work you’ve done on your current writing project so far?

Happy Writing!

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