Goals for Quarter 4

It’s March at the end of this week.  Oh.  My.  Stars.

How the first two months of 2019 have disappeared so fast, I just don’t know.  But it has, and I’m rolling along with it.  Or being rolled over by it.  Really depends on the day.  🙂  The beginning of March marks the start of the fourth Quarter for my writing goals.  Quarter four for me covers March, April, and May.

Goals for Quarter 4:

  • March:  Revise my second manuscript.  2nd round of full manuscript critique with my peer critique group friend.
  • April: Finish revising second manuscript.  Print new business cards.
  • May: Finish revising third manuscript.  Attend NESCBWI Spring conference!

I don’t have anything listed for goals for querying or pitching researching agents/publishers this quarter.  I really, REALLY need to finish the revision of these manuscripts before the end of my 2018/2019 writing goals year.  I’ve worked so hard this year and accomplished so much more than I thought I would (this Blog was part of the goals I didn’t think I’d be able to do this year) but I have yet to fully revise an entire manuscript and that HAS to be done.  Writing the stories and having that body of work behind me was a huge goal.  Having those stories revised is necessary to continue on the road to publication.  I have started writing query letters and getting my feet wet in that part of this journey, and I may continue to play with that process, but I HAVE to get these two manuscripts revised.  It will take precedent over any other work that can be done.  I’ll also be attending a conference in May, continuing the Blog, being an active member of my peer critique group that meets twice a month, and taking care of all the things that come along with those things.  But, as often as I can, I will be revising.

How are your projects coming along?  What are you working on right now or what are you excited to begin working on?

Happy Writing!

4 thoughts on “Goals for Quarter 4

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  1. Goals are good because I check on them every week. there are some that I tend to keep avoiding so I need to work on those. lately work has been very stressful so that has made it difficult to do much else…


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