A Year in Review, First Edition

Last year on June 10, 2018, I posted my very first blog called From the Beginning.  Today marks one full year of tracking and sharing my writing journey. It’s been quite a year, both professionally and personally. There’s a lot to celebrate, a lot to plan, and A LOT to learn from.

First and foremost, tracking my writing and sharing my journey here on this blog has meant and continues to mean so much to me. Thank you for adventuring along with me, for sharing some of your story with me, and for all of your support. 🤗

The things to celebrate. I wrote a complete manuscript from start to finish during the month of November for NaNoWriMo. It’s a story I plan to revise and query. I also completed a manuscript that is going out in its first official query letter by the end of this month. I began contributing to another blog with my peer critique group called The Page Half Full. I attended the NESCBWI spring conference for the third year. I participated in my first writing retreat (electronically). My husband and I transformed my writing/our creating space. I became so much better at pitching stories and felt comfortable participating in the pitch party activity at the conference this year. I critiqued a peer critique friend’s complete manuscript. I journaled. I read. I mindfully created, cultivated, and am living my best writing life.

The things to plan. I have my goals for 2019-2020 set. They will, as they did and do, morph and change as I go along, but I have a solid idea of what my major goals for this year are.

2019-2020 Writing Goals

  • Query and submit SB manuscript.
  • Complete NaNoWriMo 2019.
  • Participate in annual peer critique writing retreat (physically).
  • Attend NESCBWI spring conference.
  • Complete MasterClasses.
  • Finish SOS manuscript.
  • Revise manuscript from NaNoWriMo 2018.
  • Journal.
  • Chase story ideas.
  • Continue attacking “to read” list.

I’m ready and excited to begin tackling this list and making progress on these goals.

The things to learn from. Really, all of the things I could list here, all of the examples I could give and the lessons I could detail boil down to two very simple truths. The first, is that my fear and doubt are the only things keeping me from my success. And the second is that, no matter my limitations, be they time or energy or sleepiness or uncompromising to-do list items or sickness or impromptu travel or emergency family needs or any other of the innumerable, unforeseeable obstacles that can and will come my way, I can STILL make progress toward my goals. THAT. IS. TRUTH. There is ALWAYS something that can be done in some manner or fashion or capacity to take another step toward my success. I am knee deep, some days crawling on my hands and knees, and some days sprinting with fists and heart pumping, of raising my kids. My husband and I are working hard to make sure our girls grow to be healthy, happy, resilient, accomplished, successful, independent women in this world. We’re doing this by balancing the things that need to happen for each of them day-to-day while also supporting each other in our own goals and careers. We’re showing them how to succeed by blazing our own paths and creating our own success. Those two truths stem from my biggest lesson this year, that in the midst of sleepovers, dance competitions, speech therapies, urgent care visits, yoga classes, business trips, etc. I can chase the worlds where dragons, fairies, elves, sassy adolescents, reluctant change-agents, and broken girls live. Because I am a writer. And I have stories to tell.

Looking back over this past year (or the first half of 2019), what are some accomplishments you’ve made or realizations you’ve had about the work you do? Or about your process or writing projects? What are some goals you’ve got for the rest of the year?

Happy Writing!

In celebration of a year sharing this journey, I’d be honored if you would share my blog with a few friends in your network who might enjoy or be on their own similar journeys. Also, please share links in the comments section to blogs that inspire you, so that I may follow along with them as well.

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  1. Congratulations on one year of blogging! Go figure but it’s also been my one year anniversary of blogging as well! (although I haven’t been as dedicated as you!!). I should do a year in review post too!!!!


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