The Books

I’ve been fortunate these past few weeks to find myself in several bookstores. When I was a kid, my favorite birthdays were the ones where I received several gift cards to bookstores. My dad would take me and while he was lost in the fantasy section on his own adventuring for paperbacks and hardcovers to bring home, I would roam about. My bookshelves now hold the best of the best from what I read and became part of my identity as a reader. There are the Babysitter Club, Fear Street, and Christopher Pike novels from my elementary years. Then books like The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, Where the Red Fern Grows, and The Hobbit from my middle school years. From there it ranges to Harry Potter, the Inheritance Cycle, Divergent, Hunger Games, Stardust and many, many more. My ramblings into bookstores these last few weeks were for books for Christmas presents for my girls, but it inspired me to visit my own bookshelves again.

I’ve been wanting to scan my books into GoodReads to keep better track of what books I’ve read and what books I have that haven’t been read. (I mean, who doesn’t have a stack of “to-read” books on their shelves, right?) I started on the bookcase in my bedroom which houses my and my husband’s favorite books. I started scanning books, rearranged the stacks to see what I’m going to read next more easily, and then moved to the bookcase downstairs to repeat the process. I also looked at the stack of books on my desk that a dear friend gave me on the craft of writing that I am so excited to dive into in 2020. I took on the Goodreads challenge this year and challenged myself to read twenty-four books in 2019. I’ve read thirty books this year, and I have two more I think I will finish by the end of the year. For 2020, I’d like to challenge myself to read forty-eight books. I know between the books on craft and the fiction books in my house I’ve got that many to go through. And of course, a trip to the bookstore every now and then will grow that pile even more. 😬

For this week, I’m going to continue inventorying my books and do some reflective journaling as 2019 begins to come to a close. These past six weeks since my Papa passed have been intensely difficult, and I’ve been working very hard to find space and quiet for myself and my family to just be. Grief walks with us, and new grief befriends old grief. My wish for the end of 2019 is to be with my family, to breathe in love and life to lighten the burden of pain we’re navigating, and enter 2020 with a little more light to combat the dark.

What books are sitting on your shelf in your “to-read” pile? What’s a favorite book from childhood that still graces your bookshelf?

Happy Writing!

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