That Good Looking Back Perspective

I was trying to explain to my husband how I was feeling, that I wanted to write about something, but I wasn’t at the right place to yet. I was coming out of the fog of a migraine and having a hard time thinking of the word to explain what I was feeling. I said, “you know, that good looking back perspective on a thing.” To which he replied, “otherwise known as hindsight.” 🤦🏻‍♀️ Right. That.

I’m not out of this weird phase yet. I can’t speak to what it will feel like when I’m firmly in that good looking back perspective, BUT I am doing things to help me get there.

I took a moment this week to cultivate the things I’m immediately influenced by. I chose a few podcasts on writing I’m going to listen to. I started to listen to The Raven Boys series a second time through. I borrowed the book Atomic Habits to read. I found a couple of blogs I’m going to scroll through. All kinds of things to inspire me, and help refresh my mind. What I didn’t do this week was write. I let it rest and didn’t force any one of my projects to accompany me as I went. I had a night with most of my writing group and really thought about taking a few weeks away from my writing, from even “scheduling” nights off, and taking a true break. As I contemplated that today, I felt the urge to write surge up to the surface. So, I’m going to take this week a day at a time, see what comes to the surface, and keep making my way through to the other side.

What do you do to help get through a funk to that good looking back perspective? What helps you get inspired and motivated?

Happy Writing!

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