Unknown Writing

This new project I’m working on is mostly unknown writing. I have an idea of the basic outline of the story, but I don’t know my secondary characters, all of my main characters motivations or talents, or how they will interact with each other. It’s a hard thing to make momentum when you’re laying the track one at a time as you go, BUT it’s important not to let any of those things stop you. I flip-flop between cheering myself on one moment to sitting in the chair and writing a few paragraphs the next.

This also reminded me of something I used to believe about my writing when I was younger. I would go to the mountains for vacations, with my family in my teens and my then boyfriend-not-yet-husband in my early twenties. I’d relax in the mountains with my journal, reveling in the time found there to explore my short stories and my writing. I’d inevitably find a character or a world and begin digging into it. At the time, I thought those story I was finding lives in the mountains and when I came home life became too busy or time became too precious to have enough to find them again. I know now that those stories really and truly live within me. They are there when I’ve found them once, just waiting for me to join them again. I had time this week to write while we enjoyed a movie together on the couch and again while I was waiting for the brownies to bake for my daughter’s birthday. I was able to open Scrivener on my phone and be instantly swept into this magical land I’m just beginning to know through my characters. It gave me a sense of peace to think of and reflect on this that is so incredibly precious in this time of uncertainty and stress.

I also found the time and motivation to begin revising the story I wrote for Nanowrimo 2018. I’m doing revisions the way I am most productive, where I print three to four chapters at a time, revise the paper copy, and then make the revisions in my digital copy. This week I’m hoping to revise another four chapters of the Nanowrimo manuscript and to write two more chapters in the new story I’m writing. I want to ride this wave of motivation an creativity for as long as I can.

What world lives within you that you explore when you have time to write? In case you didn’t know, it’s always there. It’s just waiting for you when you’re ready to re-enter it. Also, you are doing your best and your best is more than good enough.

Happy Writing!

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