Revisions, Process, and Creativity

I decided to do a revision and addition to MS:SB. If I’m diving back into this story, I’m going to complete both at the same time. It’s going to be quite the undertaking and last week I was able to mark where my chapters are for easy reference and I made some general notes about what I want to make sure gets into the manuscript this time around. But beyond those first steps, I’m struggling with what my process will be.

Normally my process for beginning a project is to write an outline for a story, do some short story writing exercises, and then jump into writing the draft. My process for revising a project is to make notes about what is missing from the last draft that needs to make it into the next, make place holders for where new chapters will go, and then review each existing chapter for general revisions and errors. Both processes are effective, but I feel like my revision process is lacking. I’m feeling like I miss doing the rich, detailed developing of my story arcs, character development, and world-building doing it this way. Before I dive into this deep revision and addition of MS:SB I’m going to take some time to figure out what my process will be this go around. I’m going to flip through some resources, pick the brain of a dear writer friend (thank you in advance for the writer lunch!), and perhaps bring the discussion to my peer critique group this week. Working through a problem by leaning into resources and advice and research really does help deepen my understanding and knowledge moving forward.

Last week I worked on the revisions for MS:D. I’m really effectively cutting the story down and revealing the true foundation with this first revision. During this process I’ve cut roughly 9,000 words from the manuscript so far 😳, so I will need to go back and fill it out again. This week I’m excited to keep working on MS:D and figure out out my process for MS:SB. I still need to finish the chapter in MS:L. All of these things are how my creativity is carrying me right now and I’m going to continue to ride the wave.

What are some of your most effective processes for starting a project or for revising a project? Do you follow the same process every time? Remember, you are doing a great job and you are enough.

Happy Writing!

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