NaNoWriMo 2021 Week 1

Day 1: 2,040 words. I have to say, I’m already surprised with how much is buried in this story. It’s a simple chapter to begin with, but it is a rich soil that this story is being built on. I’m hoping to have some time today to go through and take notes about everything in the back story that was reveled in this first writing session.

Day 2: 2,096 words. This session was a little hard to get into. I had several false starts to the chapter, but once I figured out how the scene would start, it began to stitch itself into place. There are two characters who came into play in a much more fun way than I expected them to, with a real twinge of sinister that will serve who they are and what they do well.

Day 3: 2,013 words. I’m already off what I thought the plan would be, slightly. The characters are where I thought they would be and with who I thought they would be, but the actions they are taking is happening organically and I’m not forcing them to share the backstory I thought they would or having the conversations I thought they would. It’ll mean I need to make some notes about things the reader won’t know based on what’s happened and I’ll need to sow those things back in later. But, it’s a small price to pay to have my characters acting and reacting authentically rather than having me force them into conversations.

Day 4: 2,072 words. Each paragraph in this story either takes, teachers, or gives something to or from me and it’s the most intense experience I’ve had writing a novel yet. I knew it would be, but navigating each writing session is just another level of my writing journey I don’t think there’s any way I could have been completely prepared to experience. Today’s writing was really crucial in seeing the beginning of the main character’s relationship blossom and I’m not sure what I thought was going to happen between these two characters actually does happen or if it’s meant to be someone else. The next few days of the relationship, and especially the end of the first act around day eight will really show what their relationship is going to evolve into.

Day 5: 4.067 words. I wrote 2,015 words and broke 10,000! Then when I finished that chapter, I jumped directly into the next one. They flowed so well together that breaking the writing session into two days made me fear I would lose the momentum the main character needed to be brave enough to follow through on the very daring choice she made. That bravery and emotion pulled her through the situations and made her more brave when the moments came that tested her and what she wanted. Her actions and reactions are pushing me to redefine things I thought I knew and I need some time to work through that.

Day 6: 0 words. I took the full day to be away from the story and take time with my family. I really needed it.

Day 7: 2,016 words. Coming back in after the place I was in the story on day 5, and then going into this next bit, was a lot. The main character is making choices that are still in her control and she is the one driving what’s happening, but it’s laying the backstory for what will happen when that’s not always true, and it’s a difficult thing to navigate. Beyond that, the story is establishing who she is, what the relationships are, and there is a sweetness to it that I just didn’t expect to establish itself as well as it has.

Total word count end of week one: 14,304.

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