Changing the Parting Words

Since I began this blog, I have ended it with the farewell parting of “happy writing.” Increasingly though, perhaps over the past year most intensely, those two words have not meant exactly what I mean them to mean anymore.

Of course, I wish happiness to my fellow humans. I hope for happiness for those I know and love, those I have yet to meet, and those whose paths I may never get to cross. I know however, having been a human on this earth for close to four decades now, that happiness for so many reasons that would take many discussions to dissect, both doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone and is not available/attainable for everyone all the time. That’s ok. That’s more than ok. Our human experience is made up of so many different emotions at different times on different levels through all of our lives. Beginning this journey and trying to decide what I wanted to end each post with, a static few pages that one might stumble across and never find again, I decided on ‘happy writing’ because it was what rose to the top of the pile of what I’d yell into the void that might be caught by a stranger passing by. Over the last few years adding ‘you are more than enough’ was based entirely on my own personal experience in this life. It has taken me close to two decades to know that when I hear that phrase, it means me. I know those words to be true in my heart. Over the past few years, knowing we’ve all gone through more grief, stress, and anxiety than maybe we ever have before, I knew I wanted to start adding those words to my posts as well. I needed to cast them far and wide and I hope they’ve started to snag, even if one person, and make them believe those words of themselves as well.

Which brings me back to ‘happy’. I also have felt lately that maybe that line could be misconstrued as I hope you write happy things or happy stories. As a huge fan of dystopian, post-apocalyptic, tear-at-your-heart-in-all-the-good-AND-bad-ways, YA literature I can tell you that NO, I do not hope you are writing all happy things. I hope you are writing all the real, gritty, and raw stories that only you can get onto the page. All of the things that make you a writer, that make your stories the ones that only you get to tell, that pull at a reader because you wrote them. Knowing all of this, I knew it was time to change my parting words to you. I want my parting words to encourage you to get to the page to write if that’s what you’re after. I want my parting words to engender hope or peace or comfort, depending on what you need. Of all and any of the things my parting words could offer, I want them to connect with my reader to let them know that no matter what happens, no matter where we are on our journey, no matter what is happening around us, no matter what we are surviving or thriving in, that we are striving to do our best, that we matter in this life, and that we are never alone.

In case you haven’t been told today, you are more than enough.

With you in words, Nikole

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