Goals for Quarter 2

Ok. The schedules are all in. The information has been gathered and the google calendar is completely updated. With all of that done and a realistic view of what the fall is going to be, I’ve set my goals for the second quarter.

  • September- Finish manuscript 1. Revise manuscript 2. Start researching agents.
  • October- Finish any work on manuscript 1 or 2 leftover from September. Continue researching agents. Prep for NaNoWriMo.
  • November- Complete NaNoWriMo.

By the end of this next quarter, I should have three manuscripts in varying stages of “readiness” to start sending out and an idea of which agents I would like to send them to. This is A LOT of work to commit to in the next three months, especially with everything going on, but I am up for the challenge and so excited to start digging in.

I haven’t decided what story idea I will work with for NaNoWriMo. I need to wait until I’ve completed manuscript 1 and manuscript 2 before I can decide because I need to get those two stories done and out of my system first. When my brain goes to my writing, I’m automatically immersed in one of those two worlds. I don’t want to fight that right now by trying to decide on the next story I will write. Those worlds are currently calling me and I need to go lose myself in them.

How are you doing with your writing goals?

Happy Writing!

2 thoughts on “Goals for Quarter 2

Add yours

  1. I have fine-tuned my goals:
    1. finish at least the rough draft of Bloody Autumn by the end of the year (which seems both like a lot of time and impossible)
    2. Do Story Storm and 12X12 next year, focusing on picture books, and revising Bloody Autumn in between time
    3. Finally attend the entire Spring SCBWI meeting (2019) and participate / volunteer in EVERYTHING!!!


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