Working for the Dream

We spent the last week of August renovating our basement where the kids play space, my husbands jam space, and our office/my writing space is. It’s a project we’ve wanted to tackle since we moved in, but was moved down the to-do list for one reason or another since we moved in a few years ago. The tipping point finally came when we knew I’d be working down there. So, a five gallon bucket of paint, a couple of desks, and some new throw pillows later, and the space is nearly transformed! The last piece will be to set up the office area when the desks arrive at the end of this week…aside from some badly need heat 😳

I got more writing done than I thought I would be able to, in between trips to Lowe’s and Walmart. I started work on a new chapter in manuscript 1 that desperately needs to be written. It’s one of a few tie-in chapters that link the beginning of the story to the middle. This one is really important because it also gives critical family background information that is needed to understand why what’s going to happen to the main character does. I was also able to arrive early to my peer critique group last week and do some writing before we started. That is one of my very favorite times and places to write. Our group meets in a room of our town library and the ambience can’t be beat. It’s the library I’ve been going to since I was a kid, it’s where I get to meet and work with a fabulous group of women I admire and respect, and it’s filled with volumes of words that someone like me has poured their heart and soul into. Another woman in the group arrives early also, and we spend the time together typing away at our stories, sharing the space. That’s a lovely thing for our author/introvert selves 😊

While we wait for the desks to arrive, I’ll write wherever I settle. September is here and I’ve got a lot to accomplish.

Where is your favorite place to write? What makes it your favorite?

Happy Writing!

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