Writing Space

Your writing does not have to happen in one specific place. Yes, there are sacred spaces that we create and fill with inspirational or sentimental things that we charge with so many memories and emotions that we can’t help but be inspired to write when we go there. But, that place, as much as we love and treasure it, is not where our writing happens. Our writing happens within us and we can make it happen anywhere.

I used to think that the best writing I did was when I was away somewhere in the mountains or camping, totally at ease and surrounded by nature. I suppose that was true right around and after college, when my future husband and I would enjoy space by the campfire or stop by the river somewhere along the Kancamagus and I would get lost in my journal. As the years went on and kids, work, and life made those trips not only less often but also decidedly less ‘us centered’, I had to realign my thinking about where my writing would happen. So, as we worked to re-do our office space over the last couple of weeks, I wrote from my couch, my bed, the floor of the playroom, and anywhere else as the ideas came to me.

I finished the chapter I was working on last week! I also took some time to create a Google calendar for my writing/Blog work. I love Google calendar for that. We’ve got a calendar for the family, my husband’s work, and now this. It’s an invaluable tool to keep me on track and for my husband and I to know what’s going on as we enter this next busy season of life.

I’ve got three more weeks in September to finish a manuscript and revise another 😳 I’m going to push forward and do as much as I can, wherever I find a space. The office is done, so hopefully it will be there as often as I can manage 😁

Where’s your favorite place to write? Is there an object that has traveled with you from place to place that inspires you to write?

Happy Writing!

An object that has traveled with me for close to fifteen years now is the sign above my lamp. It’s a ceramic sign that my Papa gave me during a very difficult time. It reads, “Be unafraid of life’s changing tides. Each new day gives us a chance to sail our ship upon new seas.” -Flavia. It’s a treasured object from one of the most cherished people in my life and it never ceases to make me smile.

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