NaNoWriMo 5

Day 26-Daily Word Count- 1,832.  I broke 45,000 words!  Less than 5,000 to go!

Day 27-Daily Word Count- 786. Short and sweet today. I wrote one scene for two of my main characters and wanted to take my time to create that scene. Tomorrow it will be time for them to move on and we won’t focus on their relationship again for a couple of days.

Day 28-Daily Word Count- 1,012.  I am crawling toward the finish line. Seriously, I didn’t know I was going to struggle so much at the end.  It’s not the story, it’s the whole month coming to an end.  It’s been A LOT and I am feeling burnt out.  Two more days to go.

Day 29-Daily Word Count- 1,284. So. Close.

Day 30-Daily Word Count- 1,889.  I did it!  I finished the first draft of my novel!!! I will share my reflections and thoughts next week.  For now, I’m going to celebrate with peanut butter cups, a cranberry spritzer, and setting up my new writer’s notebook (I filled my current one this month).

Thank you guys SO MUCH for your words of encouragement through the month. I hope you know I’ve been rooting for you in tackling NaNoWriMo or continuing to work toward whichever writing goal you’ve been working on.

How did everyone do who took on the challenge?  How is everyone doing with their writing otherwise?

Happy Writing!  (This week, I really mean happy exhaustive collapse on December first.)

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