NaNoWriMo 4

Day 19-Daily Word Count- 1,306. I feel the climax coming and it makes me bristle, because the storm is building.

Day 20-Daily Word Count- 3,833. A huge, HUGE and fervent thank you to my peer critique group for an AWESOME write-in session. I was able to write nearly two full chapters, plus some information that will be fished out of this section of the story and thrown into a previous chapter for character development and foreshadowing purposes. Seriously, best NaNoWriMo day ever!

Day 21-Daily Word Count- 1,166. All the work from yesterday led to the climax today, and it was as earth-shattering for my main character as it needed to be, to bring her to her knees, and very nearly break her.

Day 22-Daily Word Count- 1,144. Thanksgiving Day writing brought to you by cranberry wine and warm apple pie. 🙂

Day 23-Daily Word Count- 665. I’ve been struggling all day thinking about sitting down to write my story, be it on my phone or my iPad. It was a hard day and my mind isn’t with my characters. It’s with my family, and struggling to make peace with this stage of life we’re in, where we’re lucky to have the older generations of our family that we do, but that I am a plane ride away from many of them, a plane ride that’s not easy to make with young kids, their school and outside obligations, our careers, etc., and all I selfishly want is the guarantee that those family members will be there tomorrow. But tomorrow is guaranteed to no one, and I continue to make my peace with that. Normally, it’s an easy process, as I don’t take time for granted, and I actively appreciate and value all that I have in this life. But some days, days when I am standing in the snow in a graveyard appreciating a life fully and well-spent, I just want the promise that tomorrow is there.

Day 24-Daily Word Count- 1,641. A good night’s sleep and continuing the tradition of seeing the Nutcracker with my husband and oldest daughter were a soothing balm for yesterday’s struggle.

Day 25-Daily Word Count- 1,333. My character has been through her dark night. Next week will be all about bringing her back into the light and working toward the end of the novel.

How’s everyone doing with their writing? If you’re doing NaNoWriMo, are you ready to close out the story?

Happy Writing!

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