NaNoWriMo 3

Day 12-Daily Word Count- 1,766.  My story keeps surprising me.  I didn’t expect one of the relationships to contain as much as it does.  But, it has to, because if it didn’t, it wouldn’t drive the characters in the way that they need to be driven.  I wrote a chapter today that I had planned out last week, and I knew the basics of what I wanted to have happen.  But, my characters weren’t cooperating the way I thought they were going to.  I had to stop fighting it and let them do what they needed to do.  I realized that I was fighting my main character acting the way she wanted to act, and then the interaction happening the way it needed to happen, because I didn’t think that was my character’s personality.  I was judging my character.  That was weird to realize.

Day 13-Daily Word Count- 1,940.  I’ve reached that point where I’m not sure what’s going to happen in the rest of Act 2 leading up to the climax.  But, my characters are on the edge of something new, and I know there will be quite a few things to come out of it.

Also, by tomorrow I will be halfway through the NaNoWriMo journey.  It’s wonderful, but I’ve had to step away from the writing each day to give myself a break.  A warm pug and a fun knitting project help to reset my brain before diving back in.  🙂

Day 14-Daily Word Count- 1,546.  I feel like this novel is forcing me to question my identity as an author. No, that’s not totally true. It’s making me realize that just because my preference is to write fantasy, magical realism, and science fiction stories, doesn’t mean those are the only stories that will come to me. And, I won’t force a story into one of those boxes. I’m a writer and I will write the stories that come to me and be true to my characters and their world. This story and these characters are asking me to do something different and I’m working hard to do their story justice.

Also, I’m at 25,338 words!!!

Day 15-Daily Word Count- 2,009.  I struggled a bit today.  I’m feeling the strain of the challenge passing the halfway point.  With work, a sick kiddo, weather, and a myriad of other things happening, sitting down at eight o’clock at night to write when my brain was so foggy was difficult.  But, I let the story take me and wound up writing the same amount of words as the year my first daughter was born, and that made me smile.

Day 16-Daily Word Count- 1,669. I NEED to stop and make some notes. I have to pull back and take stock of where the story is at and where it’s going.  I’ll do that by making notes of the story lines I’ve got going, where the members of the group are right now, and how I want the pacing of the rest of Act 2 to go.  I’m going to get myself a spritzer and a peanut butter cup, queue up some YouTube, and dive into story planning for the rest of the night.

Day 17-Daily Word Count- 1,936. I made notes last night, and that felt really good. I’ve got a plan for the rest of Act 2. Party on.

Day 18-Daily Word Count- 1,326.  I really, REALLY had to fight for those words tonight.  Ugh.

How’s everyone doing with their writing?  How are you doing with NaNoWriMo?

Happy writing!

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