NaNoWriMo 2019 Week 3

Day 11- 1,832- the mystery character is on the scene and his name is exactly what it should be.

Day 12- 1,863- I broke 20,000 words- hooray! The momentum of this story is really threatening to overtake me. I really thought I had a handle on where it was going and how I was getting there, but it’s just running away from me. I remember this feeling from last year. Where the story was happening and I was running to keep up with it. I’m really hoping to have a moment to stop and assess. It hasn’t happened yet :/

Day 13- 1,509- the words fought me today.  Fought.  Me.  Hard.

Day 14- 0- sometimes you’ve got to know when to wave the white flag, and for today, I’m waving it hard. My littlest hasn’t been sleeping through the night the last couple of nights, I had a migraine today, and I need to rest. I will not let guilt consume me and instead enjoy a cup of tea.

Day 15- 401- I took today to draft out most of the remaining days leading to the end of act 2 and a rough outline of act 3. I know what the big bad is, I know how my characters will get there, and I have an idea of what will happen during the big bad. I’m not sure how they’ll react or what their reactions will change about the outcome, but I am excited to find out.  Like, VERY excited to get there and see how they handle it.  Tomorrow I plan to have a long writing session at a local Panera with a few critique group friends.  I will make up for today and yesterday in my word count and get my feet back under me.

Day 16- 3,163- yes.  Oh yes.  Totally caught up on the words and my main character has some of the answers she’s been looking for. She and the other character who is completely in the story now have entered the, ahem, young adult part of this young adult story. There’s such a contrast of the things that are building, like their relationship and the march toward a festival where so many things will change and come to light, while so many other things are crumbling.  Also, this story presents a whole different problem than any of my other stories have, because so much of what is driving what is going to rock my main character’s world is happening unbeknownst to her. Because the story is happening to her from her point of view, she can only see what’s happening around her and she is very frustrated with it. It’s a dance, and my hope is that I’m not fumbling as many steps as I think I am.  Also, I met up with a writer friend to write with, and it was awesome!

Day 17- 1,664- It’s been a couple of steamy chapters to end out this week after a couple of difficult and one no writing days. I’m glad to see my main character enjoying life because it’s about to get very, very difficult for her.

Total word count: 28,575 words

How’s your latest project going?  What do you do when you need to take a break from the writing?

Happy Writing!

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  1. Do you have a planner just for your writing stuff?

    I’m fighting the urge to rush the ending of my story. I’m really finding that my writing suffers when I do transitions and I crank out words when I can dig my teeth into a good scene.


    1. I have section in my planner for my writing, and I have my journal where I plot and take notes. Yes! I know I’m tunneling through the action to get to that moment in the story where my main character is going to finally understand why everything has happened the way that it has, but I’ve got to slow myself down. Right!


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