NaNoWriMo 2019 Week 4

Day 18- 1,771

Day 19- 1,716

Day 20- 1,792- I don’t remember feeling like I was writing so many ‘placeholder’ days before. Where I knew exactly what I wanted to write, knew what the scene was supposed to be, but then when I started to write, it all came out wrong. I’m writing it and telling myself it’s OK, you’re just telling yourself what you’ll execute on better in the second draft. I am on the precipice of a life-changing moment for my main character and that will drive to the moments where all hell breaks lose and she’ll understand finally why everything happened the way it’s happening. As the world begins to crumble. All around her. Good times. 🙂

Day 21- 1,905- It’s happened. And I left my main character at the end of the chapter standing there having just heard the announcement that changes everything. I’m excited to get back in tomorrow and write the aftermath of it all. Tomorrow night is another night out writing with friends. Those nights have been so necessary this time around.

Day 22- 1,994- today was a wicked writing day! One of the best this month honestly. I wrote things that I didn’t know I was going to write. Things happened differently than what I had expected or planned, and that feels SO good because I know those are the moments when the story is happening organically. I LOVE those moments!

Day 23- 2,106- I love where the end of each chapter is leaving the characters. The cliffhangers are happening naturally and that’s my favorite.

Day 24- 387- today was tough so I didn’t fight it. I wrote what I needed to in order to get the beginning of what I will need tomorrow. I can feel the momentum for tomorrow already building in me, so I know I’ll be able to make up for lost words then.

Grief is a such a complex and sometimes fickle creature. It can lay so still in a corner for so long I sometimes forget it is there, and then it awakens and grips me in its’ talons so tightly I can hardly breathe. Sometimes it pads along beside me as I walk through my memories, a companion in the pain and a support for the journey. This week has been a mix of both. And next week, with Thanksgiving on Thursday and my Papa’s celebration of life on Friday, I know it will be much the same.

How are things going my friends?

Happy Writing.

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