Just Writing

A few important things from this week.

I’m making a promise to myself and more importantly, my characters. I can’t go at revisions or walk into that process and that relationship and that world with something to prove in my writing. I don’t know when I started doing that, but I know I did. Somewhere in the process I decided I would. I need to intentionally stop that nonsense. I need to walk into my stories not with a map in hand and tell my stories which trail to follow. I need to walk into my story ready to map the path they show me.

It took me a year from the day my husband gifted me a years subscription for MasterClass to finish Neil Gaiman’s MasterClass all the way through. I can tell you that the lessons I just finished mean so much more to me now than they would have a year ago. A year ago I wasn’t querying. A year ago I hadn’t lost my Papa. A year ago I wasn’t staring down that phase of life where my girls will both be in school full-time come this fall. I am a fundamentally different person now than I was then, and finishing that class now was a gift.

Beyond that, not much was done with my writing. I took time this week to focus on my house and family, to get prepared for being home and doing our part to stop the spread of COVID-19. At this time, our girls will be home until the beginning of April, and I want to make sure they’re schedules remain as normal as possible. There will be learning, exercise, dance, crafting, reading, cooking, and all kinds of other things within our home and yard for the next few weeks.

Stay safe and healthy my friends. Be sure to wash your hands and practice self care. We need to take care of our mental health as much as our physical health in these tense times.

Happy Writing!

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