Create Calm

Now, this is going to mean vastly different things to vastly different people. For me, it varies day to day. Some days creating calm happens when the house is picked up and everything is in its place. Other days it happens when the dining room table is covered in painting projects with Lego bins and sewing supplies hanging out. Both are needed and I’m taking the time to breathe and lean into whichever the day calls for.

Like so many of us, I’m home social distancing, and with my girls we are navigating the early days of remote learning. We went into the transition slowly, and there will be another layer added as my oldest daughter’s dance classes and routines are uploaded. It was important to me that the girls didn’t feel stress transitioning. We’re going to take this thing one layer at a time.

It’s going to be different, how I come to my writing and how I navigate this space at this time. I don’t know right now how it’s going to go. On Friday night, my usual work night, I struggled to get into work, to figure out if I wanted to or if I needed to stop. I did do a few things, and then decided I needed to YouTube for a bit. One of my best friends called and we chatted for a few hours which was lovely and much needed. I don’t know how this week will go. I’m not going into it putting undo expectations on myself. We all need compassion and grace right now, and it is first given by ourselves to ourselves.

How are you holding up? What’s helping get you through? In case anyone hasn’t told you, you’re doing a great job and even though we’re isolated, you’re not alone. 🤗

Happy Writing!

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  1. Well it’s Wednesday and I just found my 1st graders schedule and school packet from last week, soooo yep giving myself grace. Thanks for the reminder we aren’t alone! #inthistogether


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