How Quickly Things Change

First and foremost, a huge and heartfelt thank you to everyone on the front lines fighting COVID-19.

Last week it was announced that a stay-at-home order would be put in effect in New Hampshire until May 4th. Our schools also extended remote learning until then, both with the possibility of staying in place beyond that date. I picked up more supplies this week and the next round of blizzard bags (remote learning supplies) for my girls and we got ready to hunker down.

The changes are happening so rapidly it’s difficult to gain traction before the next thing comes along. This is not easy and everyone needs to remind themselves of that as we navigate these uncharted waters. It’s ok to have a hard time. It’s ok to have days where not much gets accomplished. It’s ok to be sad or upset. It will get better and it will change, but we need to acknowledge that the road there is going to be bumpy.

We did a couple of things this week to help ease the tension. We setup a big camping mattress in the living room this weekend for the kids and pug to cuddle and play on. We started our latest puzzle (a Thomas Kincaid Disney one) on one end of the dining room table and worked on it while our youngest played Barbie doctor and our oldest created an eye spy craft. I went through all of our outdoor toys and inventoried sidewalk chalk, bubbles, and sand/water table toys for when the weather gets nice and we can be in the backyard. I’ve also started some cherry tomato, basil, and chive plants that will grow in big pots on the deck this year. (And totally bought a mint plant from the grocery store. Some fresh mint leaves in my water during the day have been a lovely little treat. ☺️)

As for the writing, not much happened last week. Once the stay-at-home and extended remote learning orders came through, I let out a long breath I didn’t realize I was holding. I dealt with a migraine this week as well which kept me from my stories. I want to write because it brings me joy so we will see what it looks like this week.

What has helped to ease the tension for you? What are some of your favorite indulgences/self care/things for joy you’ve been leaning into or plan to in the coming weeks?

Happy Writing!

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