Living with Uncertainty

Each day this week brought a new discovery or moment of realization for what it means to live with uncertainty. They included the day we needed to stop, take deep breaths, and remember to ask for help when the feelings we’re feeling get too big to handle alone. They also included taking out the camping mattress and blowing it up in the living room to change things up for the weekend. And that filling the gray faces of stones on our patio with a rainbow brings sunshine and color to brighten the day for each of us.

We’re getting along in this new reality, facing each day’s challenges together. I’ve become more comfortable with the different types of technology required for my girl’s remote learning needs and they are settling in with the groove of each day.

I did do some revising Friday night. I had shared the first three chapters of SB with my peer critique friends and asked for specific feedback on places I could expand on what was happening to my character. I worked through two chapters and will go back to finish out the third this Friday. It felt good to get some work done for my writing and on a project I love, but I didn’t push myself past the point that I was “fatigued.” It’s a funny kind of fatigue that comes with living in these times, with the worry and stress of what’s happening in our world and going about living our lives the best we can. I try to keep it in the forefront of my mind, so when I’m getting the signal that I or a family member needs to stop and take a breath, we stop and do so. I did have the thought that I want to play around with a new and different type of story, one that is not based on some post-apocalyptic storyline, because while they are my favorite, I would like to think of something else, because, well. Reasons. 😬 I don’t know if that thought will turn into a solid story idea, but we’ll see.

How are you doing? How are you handling living with the uncertainty? In case you haven’t been told today, you’re doing a great job!

Happy Writing!

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