Working on Writing from the Past

It is a very interesting experience to revisit a past writing project. As I began work on MS:T this week, I was confronted with how much life experience had changed me from who I was when I began the manuscript to who I am now.

This isn’t a bad thing, though it might sound that way at first glance. It’s a very balanced thing, with realizations about how ‘limited’ my viewpoint was then and how many other levels of the story I realize weren’t being honored now. MS:T (this post explains how I use a Manuscript Key) is first and foremost a story about a mother’s love and protection of her child. It is the theme and driving force behind why my character does what she does and why the story happens the way it happens. When I started the story over a decade ago, I was a new mom with a very tiny baby and precious little experience as a parent and I didn’t know much about being a parent. Now as a mom of two girls, one on the way to six and one on the way to twelve, I still know very little. 😁 Seriously, I’m still no expert, but my experiences as a parent have changed me. I view life, love, decisions, responsibilities, and every other aspect of life in a fundamentally different way because of my love, care, devotion, and protection of my daughters. All of that has shifted the way I see my characters and the way I understand the story.

I managed to make my way through the first eight chapters of MS:T this week before a two day migraine took over and I rearranged my schedule to give myself the space I needed to rest and recuperate. I’ll be behind starting next week, but that’s ok. This week was hard and my heart is with everyone still reeling from the violence at our nation’s capital.

Next week I hope to catch up on the revisions I didn’t complete last week on MS:T and to finish writing a fresh synopsis for MS:SB. I updated the query for MS:SB, but the synopsis needs work before I start sending it out. It’s another thing I’m behind on, but that’s ok. It’s hugely important, especially now, to remember to give ourselves grace and room to do what is right for ourselves and our families. I’m sending hope for peace to you and yours.

In case you haven’t been told today, you are more than enough.

Happy Writing!

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