Are You My Motivation?

Legit that has felt like my week. Everyday I’d look at a journal, a planner, a sticker kit and wonder, are you my motivation? The answer was always no. 🤦🏻‍♀️

The beginning of the week, I let the lack of motivation rule me. This week with extra things happening as school winds down and more running around needed, I had to do more that didn’t allow for writing time anyhow. Once we switch to summer mode we’ll be able to get onto the schedule we set for then and writing time will be more reliable. I did finish the chapter I was working on in MS:D this week and am now done with act one and moving into act two. It feels really good to finish the first act of this story and know that it such a better draft than it was before. The draft it was before was a good road map for what it needed to be molded into. I know when I go back over it again I will see places that need to be given more love, but the foundation of the story is strong and the plot is full. Moving through the next two acts of the story will also be a much smoother process now that the first act is better. I did print act two and it is ready to go for paper revisions. I also wrote with a writer friend and was able to write a complete synopsis for MS:D and it was really good! I was excited to see that my skills at writing a synopsis have greatly improved. That was the highlight of my writing week.

This week I want to work on paper revisions for a few chapters and do some work in Plottr. Now that I’ve finished with act one of MS:D, I want to make sure I go back into Plottr and revise what I had previously done so they are in alignment. I also realize that as May ends by 20-21 writing year goals come to an end and I need to set my goals for my 21-22 writing goals. This post called Goal Planning- Part One explains how and why I set my writing goals this way. I’m going to take time this week to set my goals for June 2021 through May 2022 and reflect on what my 20-21 writing year was. I can’t believe my writing year is already at an end. I know, even though I didn’t accomplish everything I set out to, that I did successfully complete some pretty major goals and I’m excited to stop and take time to reflect on and celebrate them.

In case you haven’t been told today, you are more than enough.

Happy Writing!

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  1. Oh, I am so feeling this too! I thought this rainy weekend would be great for writing but not so much writing has been happening… For me I think it’s time to refill the creativity cup… somehow lol


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