A Change of Scenery

It has been almost two years since I have been back to the mountains of New Hampshire, and I missed it dearly. There is a magic to being in these mountains in summer that just fills my cup like nothing else does.

The story I’m revising, MS:D, is set in these mountains and being in them, walking along the shores of ponds and deep in the trees, put me on the paths with my characters. I’m in the part of my story where the characters have called a place home for quite a few months and because of circumstances that have led to act two, are pushing them to move on to another place. Thinking about what it means to make a home in these mountains and then knowing they were going to leave safety to trek through the woods again was an interesting experience. It has made me reconsider the details I’ve included and realize that I need to paint the picture more clearly, especially for those readers who don’t know the mountains. That’s one of my very favorite things about stories. I LOVE reading stories and feeling like I’m walking in a place I’ve never visited before. Our trip up north reminded me of that magic specifically and I’m grateful for the reminder.

Last week and this week I am fully in reflecting and goal setting mode. I am taking my time to really look at what I accomplished last year and what I want to set for myself to accomplish between June of this year and May of next year. Of course, NaNoWriMo was and is in the forefront of my mind during this process and thinking about the manuscript I plan to write this November really swept me away for a few days. The manuscript I want to write, MS:SOS, is a story I need to write, but for various and complicated reasons, also don’t want to write. I know for absolutely certain that if I don’t have a deadline telling me I have to write this story, I will come up with excuses not to write it, but the sooner I do write it, the sooner I will be able to look at it objectively and get it to be the story it’s meant to be. I’m going to take some time this week to write out my goals and probably do some free-writing around MS:SOS to get it out of my system a bit. I want to get back to focusing on MS:D for the next month or so in order to complete the revision I’m currently working on. I’ve been working on paper revisions of it slowly, and I’m hoping to continue working on that this week too. I loved our time in the mountains, but I’m also excited to be home and get back into the story waiting for me.

In case you haven’t been told today, you are more than enough.

Happy Writing!

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