NaNoWriMo 2021 Week 4

Day 22: 0 words. Another day of just not feeling well. Not the way to dive into the chapter that needs to be written.

Day 23: 2,036 words. It’s written. This chapter is the one that will need the most work of anything I’ve written so far for this draft, and that’s ok. It’s done and it’s telling the story that needs to be told, but nowhere near as elegantly as it needs to be told. I am beginning to feel the toll that this story has taken, which I think is a factor that plays into my zero word days more than I realized, and I’m trying to move forward with that thought on my mind.

Day 24-26: 0 words. Three day migraine completely knocked me out.

Day 27: 2,025 words. I made this chapter quick because I didn’t want to be on the computer any longer than I had to. Luckily, that was exactly the kind of energy that worked for this moment. It was a quick beat of a scene, more to connect a larger moment to the next larger moment, and while it’s a little rough, it’s done. I’ve got about 5,000 words to write to reach 50,000 and then 10,000 more to complete this draft. It’s a lot of words to get written in the next three days and I’m hoping that taking the time to rest the rest of this day will set me up for the next three big days I need to complete the draft.

Day 28: 6,101 words. I took full advantage of the slow paced day we were planning and grabbed my computer to write on the couch while movies played in the background any chance I got. I was able to catch up on the words I hadn’t written during the week and I surpassed the 50,000 words for NaNoWriMo! I am so freaking excited to have written this 51,000 words, but I still have 10,000 words to go to finish this draft. Now, I’d like to do that before the end of November the way I had planned, but that means I’ve got two more days to get it done. I really, really don’t want to let the goal go, because I need this draft to be finished to I can put it aside for awhile. My plan is to take a moment to celebrate that I finished my 50,000 words and then push to get these last 10,000 out to get the draft done.

Total word count: 51,187 words.

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