NaNoWriMo 1

Day 1- Daily Word Count- 1,937 words.  I was able to go back and reread the whole thing because it wasn’t so late.  I don’t know how many days I’ll be able to keep that up. 😳

Day 2- Daily Word Count- 2,051 words.  I fought myself A LOT tonight on trying to get the story right, instead of getting it written.  I’m not revising right now, just writing.  I had to actively shut that part of my brain off and let my mind go to follow the story.

Day 3-Daily Word Count- 1,810.  I had to stop and create a really rough storyboard to keep myself organized and focused. I found a large piece of paper and wrote down some quick setting notes, a character list, and some key terms from the story.  I’m going to hang it on the cork board above my desk for the month.

Truth be told, I struggled with that doubting inner voice tonight.  The voice that questions the validity of my story and myself as an author. It was an effort, but I squashed it, climbed up and over it, and forced myself to move on.  If you’re feeling that at all, you’re not alone. AND, you are doing an awesome job.  Your story is worth it and so are you.

Day 4-Daily Word Count- 1,884.  The storyboard has proved to be REALLY helpful. It’s not anything fancy, but it’s easy for me to be in the story and reference something quick without clicking out of the document I’m in.  I also LOVE the interaction I wrote between a few of the characters today.  It turned into a more intricate scene, involving more characters than I thought it would.  It worked to develop each of those characters traits and fuel my main character’s motivation for what she is going after more effectively.

How is everyone doing on their goals, NaNoWriMo and other?

Happy Writing!

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  1. You’re doing great! It is hard to turn off the inner editor… There were a few times when I started to second-guess myself but just kept going. The middle is where I usually struggle so we’ll see how the rest of the month plays out…


    1. Thank you! You’re doing AWESOME on your word count. Yes, especially when the inner editor really swears taking the time to stop and fix is the right thing to do, when we know it’s not the time. Yet. 😁 Hopefully the rest of the month goes smoothly!


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